Notes on Blue

Sunday March 26th, 2017

Screening of Moyra Davey's Notes on Blue at 3.30 pm as part of the exhibition All Heal (Valerian).

Notes on Blue is Moyra Davey's reflection on the work and legacy of Derek Jarman, interspersed with personal observations, confessions and disparate associations. As Mason Leaver Yap wrote: 'In Notes on Blue, Derek Jarman’s experience with blindness as a consequence of AIDS is paralleled with Davey’s own blindness as a consequence of Multiple Sclerosis. Both draw on illness as a site of production, a catalyst for thought as much as a subject. Jarman’s blindness was the subject of his final film Blue (1994), a single continuous shot of Yves Klein’s International Blue (the color Jarman said he could see when he went blind), accompanied by a 79-minute autobiographical monologue.'

The screening will be introduced by Jort van der Laan.

Moyra Davey
'Notes on Blue', 2015
Film, 28 minutes

The film screening akes place as part of Rongwrongs public program For Fans and Scholars, departing from the exhibition All Heal (Valerian) and each time highlighting one aspect of this gathering of works and voices. \\ Made possible with the generous support of the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst, Mondriaan Fund \\